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So I received this email last week and I am excited to announce Traktor Pro to you. After Djing with Traktor Scratch & Traktor 3 in the clubs over the past year Native Instruments continues to amaze me with their rock solid programs that are defining the digital music era. Check Out the NEW TRAKTOR PRO - AVAILABLE NOV. 1st

Dear Traktor user,

On behalf of the Traktor team, I am happy to introduce the
next generation of our DJ technology to you today - called
TRAKTOR PRO. The "Pro" stands for "professional", and in
fact the new Traktor makes some important steps forward
that I would like to explain to you.

After many years of development history, starting with the
release of the very first Traktor version in 2001, we have
come a long way in the technological evolution of DJ gear.
Specifically, DJ software has developed from a "geek tool"
to a standard platform for DJs of all styles and
experience levels. Something that we were especially proud
of is that around one fourth of all DJs in the current "DJ
Mag Top 100" are now using Traktor Scratch and/or Traktor
3 as their main DJ tool.

The new Traktor generation that we are announcing today
was designed to take this paradigm shift into account, and
to push DJ technology forward even further. On November
1st, Traktor 3 and Traktor Scratch will be succeeded by
Traktor Pro and Traktor Scratch Pro, with both product
versions now based on the same new Traktor Pro software.

Traktor Pro was designed with a strong focus on a
professional DJ approach - for playing out live in a
performance environment. The new version brings many
additions, refinements and changes to the software you
know. Our central aim was to improve Traktor in a way that
supports and inspires you on the actual creative act of
DJing in the best possible way, and that reduces all the
associated maintenance and preparation effort as much as

For Traktor Pro, we have strongly optimized the user
interface and given it a much clearer look and a very
logical, intuitive layout. We have also "supercharged" the
effect capabilities of Traktor, an area that we know is
very important for many users. Other major areas of
improvement include looping and cueing, beatgridding, sync
features, browser and database handling, and MIDI control
- please check our website for detailed info.

Redesigning the interface for the new Traktor generation
also allowed us to integrate the timecode functionality in
a more efficient way. You will find that the related
functions in Traktor Scratch Pro are integrated
seamlessly, from the improved timecode scopes within the
decks to the convenient handling of the timecode signal

The workflow improvements in Traktor Pro are based on many
months of conceptual research and usability tests, and of
course on the huge amount of constructive feedback that we
have received from the user community. Some changes might
require you to adapt and even relearn certain ways of
handling loops, cue points and effect controls.
Ultimately, we are confident that you will find the new
way of doing things in Traktor Pro very inspiring and

To make Traktor Pro as efficient and reliable as possible,
we have also removed some aspects of the previous Traktor
version that are less relevant within the focus on a
performance application.

In favor of a more compact application, there is no longer
an integrated music store in the Traktor software.
Instead, Beatport will start to include Traktor metadata
with all their new releases in 2009. Beatport also now
offers a special download application that comes with the
same convenient download features that we first
established in Traktor.

There is also no "Native Mix recording" in Traktor Pro
because we gave priority to other aspects of the new
version. You can of course still record your set as an
audio file straight to hard disk. We plan to add mix data
recording functionality to Traktor Pro at some point in
the future.

We will release Traktor Pro and Traktor Scratch Pro on
November 1st. Of course, the development does not stop at
this point. We have many further improvements planned, and
you can expect them to be introduced via free feature
updates in the future.

You can find all details of the new Traktor generation,
including tutorial videos and info on the update pricing,
-> http://www.listentopro.com

Thanks for using Traktor!

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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