Monday, April 13, 2009

The Martinez Brothers


The Martinez Brothers

Boundless energy.

If you've ever seen the Martinez Brothers spin - doesn't matter if it was in a club or just one of the many YouTube videos to capture their inimitable style behind the decks - you know that what separates Chris and Steve Martinez from the rest of the pack isn't just their skills, but their seemingly limitless energy.

Not just party-rocking stamina (though they've got that too), but an unmistakable positivity. Call it generosity. Call it curiosity - the quality which finds them building bridges between New York's soulful house scene and a globalized minimal techno scene, putting them at the forefront of a movement beyond genre.

What sets apart the Martinez Brothers is their spirit.

Oh, and another little thing: their age.

By now you've heard about the Martinez Brothers. These guys are practically the definition of new blood. Steve is 20, Chris is 17- not even old enough to get into most the clubs he plays. In a musical culture that was born in the late '70s, whose heroes are moving into their fifth or sixth decades on the planet, the Martinez Brothers' age definitely sets them apart.

"To be honest, the people our age aren't into dance music," confirms Steve. "They don't know about the culture at all. The people we hang out with are all older than us."

But "the age thing" is no gimmick. It is what it is. Steve and Chris had as much control over when they were born as where they were born (the Bronx, for the record). And, lucky for them, house music doesn't discriminate. House music found them.

The boys grew up playing music. "We used to play a lot in church," says Steve. "Our main thing is percussion - drums, congas. We also play keyboards, bass, stuff like that. When we were young we'd play in different bands, borough to borough, way before DJing came along."

But church wasn't the only musical influence in the house. The boys' father was a veteran of the disco era, of New York clubs like the Paradise Garage. Growing up, the kids and their father would listen to Timmy Regisford's radio shows on Kiss FM. "House music was kind of always around, in a way," says Steve.

The Martinez Brothers - Deep Tech Mix


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