Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mixed In Key 4.0 - OUT NOW!


Here is a program that I have been using that I reccomend to any DJ. A MUST HAVE!

Mixed In Key is software created for the world's best DJs. With its user-friendly design and trusted technology, Mixed In Key makes harmonic mixing easy.

Mixed In Key takes your mixing to the next level by showing which songs you can mix together without a key clash. It works with all CD decks, Ableton Live, Traktor, Serato Scratch Live, and all other mixing software and hardware. Your DJ sets will always sound smooth and professional


Mixed In Key is easy to use. Just add your MP3 and WAV files, and it will show you which songs you can mix in harmony.

Features for DJs

Analyze your MP3 and WAV files. All bitrates are supported (320kbit, 256kbit, 192kbit, 128kbit, etc.)
Automatically save identified keys into MP3 ID3 tags

Drag-and-drop results to create browsable collections (similar to playlists in iTunes)

Display harmonically-compatible songs

Drag-and-drop into Ableton Live, M-Audio Torq, Native Instruments Traktor, Serato, Virtual DJ and most CD burning applications

See the tempo for each song

Search your collection for a specific key or song name

Store key results directly into the filename (ex: Axwell - Feel The Vibe - B Minor.mp3)

Mixed In Key is designed to make harmonic mixing easy. Literally any DJ can use it - there is no learning curve.

DJ Testimonials

Ali Dubfire from Deep Dish writes:

"I've been on the hunt since we started mixing the very first Deep Dish compilation in 1995 for an easy way to key my music. With Mixed in Key, I have finally found an easy way of doing it. And now I'm hooked!"

Pete Tong from BBC Radio 1 writes:

"Mixed In Key has proved to be a valuable and creative tool in both radio and club programming, I'm hooked."

Hernan Cattaneo, the leading South-American DJ writes:

"Mixed In Key is a really good piece of software. Very useful for DJs."

David Guetta writes:

"I have been using harmonic mixing for many years, but I had to find keys with a keyboard. Mixed In Key is as good, in less time. Magic!"

BT writes:

"This software kicks a huge ass. No more sitting with a synth to key my tracks. A must-have for anyone interested in mixing harmonically."

Nick Warren from Way Out West writes:

"Mixed In Key has been a huge help for me. I actually used the wheel process on my next Global Underground album, "Lima." It's great!"

Kaskade, a vocal-house favorite:

“Mixed In Key is a huge time saver! I use it for all my DJ mixes these days."


Mixed In Key costs $58 (US). You can buy it online from 24 hours a day. And runs on Mac or Pc.

Your download link will be emailed to you as soon as payment is accepted by Google Checkout or PayPal.

You can e-mail them with questions anytime:

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